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Finding Faith in Faith

This blog is dedicated to exploring the intersections of faith and politics, the intricacies of religious culture and the struggle to balance devotion to a higher being and to one’s culture.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Atonement Lutheran Church

Although I was raised in the Church of Christ tradition, I have always held a fondness for the Lutheran and Presbyterian movements. While I was in Austin at University Avenue Church of Christ, I had involvement with each movement through ministry work, and was impressed with the call for social justice I found among the Lutherans.

Their history of basing political activism on spiritual principles does resonate with me.

During our house search last May, we had looked at a house across the street from Atonement Lutheran Church. We decided to make this church our second stop on our journey for a church home.

Like all Lutheran congregations, Atonement follows the Lutheran liturgy. It is inspiring to think about the fact that all Lutherans across the world followed the same passages and sang at least some of the same songs.

The pastor, Rev. Debra Enquist, delivered an impassioned, yet informal sermon, mixing in equal parts of modern vernacular with her theological terminology. She struck me as a cheerful warrior, someone who always brings a radiant smile to the table, even while calling for transformative change and justice for those who are hurting.

I enjoyed the service, perhaps more than Bethany (whom I believe still found it a bit formal).

All things being equal, I could find a place here. Bethany might find it a bit too comfortable.


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