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Finding Faith in Faith

This blog is dedicated to exploring the intersections of faith and politics, the intricacies of religious culture and the struggle to balance devotion to a higher being and to one’s culture.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Keys to the kingdom?

Elsewhere, I have just been complaining about how little time I have for blogging, and yet here I am writing my first blog in some time for Faith in Faith.

One of the biggest demand son my time has been the planning activities for the revamp of the Skillman Church of Christ Web site.

I believe that inspiring design and functional communication flows are essential for most organizations in the 21st Century and critical for churches in particular. As our society continues to fragment and relevance becomes the new language of the Web (more on that later), communication patterns MUST change in order to reach the eyes and ears of those who need connections in their lives.

Well, this project has taken an interesting turn: yesterday, I was literally given the keys to the kingdom. I am now in possession of church keys.

I have always shied away from possessing keys to the buildings of the various churches I have attended. In fact, I never had keys to the building at University Avenue Church of Christ, even though I was a special servant (deacon).

Keys mean responsibility.When one has perpetual access to a gathering place, one has more decision-making ability and more responsibility as a potential gatekeeper. And it is easy to quickly become a "defender of the fort" and develop that necessarily conservative approach to protecting turf.

That's why I have never accepted keys before: I prefer to be the person who shows up at someone ELSE'S house to work. Now that I have perpetual access (however limited it may be), it is MY house.

I'm not quite sure what that says about my work ethic, my sense of commitment or my identity in the corporate body. Thoughts to consider.


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