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Finding Faith in Faith

This blog is dedicated to exploring the intersections of faith and politics, the intricacies of religious culture and the struggle to balance devotion to a higher being and to one’s culture.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Skillman, a familiar air.

Well, if Preston Road were my “mini-UA,” then Skillman Church of Christ is a much closer member of the UA genus.

Skillman is a very traditional, very formal atmosphere. The church has chosen to use Powerpoint in worship (it seems none of the Dallas churches have had the reluctance that UA has had in this area).

On the Sunday I attended, Skillman was celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Child Development Center, which provides weekly children’s educational programs for the community. The service contained a long segment devoted to this ceremony and it quickly became clear that Skillman is loving, family-centric church.

Skillman is also the most “high-church” atmosphere I have yet attended. Plenty of white collars and pressed neck ties present and accounted for.

The sermon (delivered by Dwight Robarts, the pulpit minister) was very good, but leaned towards the conservative side (in terms of outcomes and calls to action). There were frequent references to scripture. The sermon topic was how Jesus used the frame of children as how we should approach him and what that entails.

I found Skillman to be very warm and open, though the demographics do not seem to be particularly young professional centric (the church rolls its singles and couples programs together), which is not necessarily a negative.

Once again, very familiar territory.


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