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Finding Faith in Faith

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Prestoncrest, ACU 2.0?

Having visited Preston Road earlier this month, I decided to travel a bit further north and try out Prestoncrest Church of Christ.

Prestoncrest is a much larger church than Preston Road, and seems to attract a more youthful, dynamic membership. The singles program at Prestoncrest is simply massive with several large classes divided among several criteria.

The senior minister at Prestoncrest is Prentice Meador, who worked as a team with the preaching associate Bob Chisholm in a tag-team format to deliver a dynamic spoken message. The message was very practical and focused, and the membership had received outline cards to take notes on during the sermon. I was not overly taken in by the depth of the message, nor was I completely in agreement with some of the assertions made (I know that I am very picky), but neither was there anything that offended me or frustrated me.

Prestoncrest appears to be a very social church. In their membership, I saw a few familiar faces and knew that it is a place for people to connect socially, a place to see and be seen. The worship format is very trendy yet traditional (no danger of women serving here). In fact, the service reminded me of the daily chapel services during my time at Abilene Christian University.

It’s not much of a drive (probably 10-12 miles from where I live), and the membership there represents the closest thing to a return to my ACU faith culture. Not sure if that’s a positive or negative variable …


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